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About us

What started a million years ago as our usual family Antipasto, had quickly morphed into an updated “cooler version” that today’s generation calls a Charcuterie Board.

We “The Broads” are two sister-in-laws (Bridget and Joanne) with a love for Meats, Cheese and Creating. Put all three together and you have a perfect combination for a new small business. So over the summer of 2020, with urging from our kids, we decided to give it a shot. We knew creating the boards would be easy––after all, we’d been doing it pretty much our entire adult lives. But now it was a matter of researching the many products and specialty stores, as well as the bulk supplies it would take to start this larger process. With all that quickly figured out, our first Charcuterie Board was styled and on it’s way to our first customer on Long Island. What was to follow was incredible.

Through this venture, we’ve truly enjoyed meeting our customers and creating boards for all occasions. With our family background of working on Broadway and in Television, we even had a chance to create boards for a few celebs––always super fun. But now as we head into the New Year, we look most forward to expanding our business, interacting with our customers and creating different and exciting Charcuterie Boards for each upcoming season.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your continued encouragement and support!

With immense love and gratitude,

Bridget and Joanne

The Charcuterie Broads

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