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**Effective October 1st there will be a slight pricing increase. Thank you for your continued support!
All boards come with an array of gourmet accoutrements, including fruits, nuts, assorted treats, fig jam or honey (Crackers sold separately) 
**Please specify occasion, and your order will be decorated accordingly**

$55.00 + Tax

Your choice of 2 premium meats and 2 artisanal cheeses 

(See Menu/Order for choice options)

Small Board (Serves 2-4)


Medium Board (Serves 4-6)

$82.50 + Tax

2 premium meats

3 artisanal cheeses

(See Menu/Order for choice options)



Large Board (Serves 8-10)

$132.00 + Tax

3 premium meats  

4 artisanal cheeses

(See Menu/Order for choice options)


Extra Large Board (Serves up to 15)

$165.00 + Tax

4 premium meats

5 artisanal cheeses

(See Menu/Order for choice options)


Grazing Table

If you are interested in our grazing table, please email us and we will be in touch to discuss the particulars.

(25 Person minimum)



Picnic or Date Night Box

$45.00 + Tax

- Your choice of 1 premium meat and 2 artisanal cheeses

- An array of festive treats for you and that special someone


Charcuterie Cups 

$60.00 + Tax

-- Sold in set of 6

-- Your choice of pepperoni or salami and, either brie, cheddar, or gouda

*All 6 must be the same choice


Charcuterie Boxes

$12.00 each + Tax

-- Sold in set of 6

-- Your choice of pepperoni or salami, and either brie, cheddar or gouda

*All 6 must be the same choice

(Slightly larger than cups to accommodate more product) 

IMG_6045 2_edited_edited.jpg

Number/Letter Charcuterie

$52.00 + Tax per number/letter


- Make that special occasion more fun by adding a customized Number or Letter charcuterie to your celebration


-  Number/letter 12" in size 

-  Notice needed

-  Availability per inventory

IMG_0917 2.jpg

Grazing Boards

$350.00 + Tax
$50.00 Refundable Board Deposit

Grazing Made Easier! 
Enjoy the convenience of our four foot grazing board for your next gathering. This beauty comes ready to serve with your choice of five meats, seven cheeses and plenty of accoutrements, enough to serve up to 30 guests.

In-Home Charcuterie Lessons
$50.00 + Tax per person

The Charcuterie Broads will come to your home and teach you how to make the famous salami rose and river; how to cut and decorate cheese, as well as place and style all other accoutrements. Everything is supplied for you and your guests to enjoy a fun night of laughter and cheese--with an end result of a beautifully prepared 10 inch charcuterie platter with box and ribbon.
- 6 person minimum
- Class runs 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on number of guests.